Sorry, I am not accepting any new clients at the moment. This should hopefully change in Spring 2019.


Do you see yourself as a thinking and thoughtful person who is stuck or overwhelmed? Be it a life circumstance, relationship(s) or mental health concern – yet all the thinking about or around it is not getting you far enough… and you are not where you want to be? I could help.

My name is Inga Gusarova. I am a Canadian Certified Counsellor, with a Master of Science degree in Counselling Psychology. I work online with clients across Canada and in-person in Calgary NW. What I do is basically use evidence-based methods (research nerd here!) to map out a road for you toward a more fulfilling and meaningful life. And then help you build this road, if you want; but map out first.

I work with adults only, and some specific things I could help with include:
•   Feelings and experiences of worry, anxiety, or depression
•   General coping skills, stress management
•   Couple therapy
(straight and LGBTQ+ couples, married or not; long distance relationships; open relationships and polyamorous relationships… in professional jargon, we call them “systems”: for the people who may not exactly call themselves a “couple”…)
•   Sexuality-related concerns
(such as dealing with conflicting feelings and thoughts, seeking acceptance and comfort, identity, questioning, relationships, communication, and so on)
• Life transitions
• Grief and loss
• Family/relationship difficulties
(for example, working on better relationships between adult children and parents, handling a family business transition when your children have a different vision)

Here is a summary of what I do and how it could benefit you:
✓    Online delivery (including secure email and video) and flexible hours. It’s okay if you are in another city, or find it difficult to get around, or have a stressful schedule: I can work with all that. In-person sessions are also available in my home city of Calgary.
✓    My role as a therapist has several steps. The first is to provide a safe and confidential space where we work as a team. Then, I need to understand enough about you to create a personalized plan of action: Plan that is based on solid research knowledge and represents a good fit for your values and personality.
✓    My focus is on evidence-based methods that take into account your values and culture (including strength-based, narrative, solution-focused, systemic and cognitive-behavioural tools).

You can read more about my services and methods; background and training; some important information about confidentiality and technology for online counselling; book an appointment; or check out some interesting and useful things on the blog. I also maintain a list of resources with both self-help information and nationally-accessible organizations.