Choosing a therapist can be a daunting task, and you likely have lots on your plate already. I want to make it easier! I am genuinely happy to talk to you about my approach, experience, and qualifications before you pay for a session.

If you are in a crisis and need urgent help right now, please dial 911 or find a local crisis centre or a hot line. I only check my email once a day, and online/distance assistance is inherently limited, so contacting me in an emergency will not get you the immediate help you need.

You could contact me by phone or email – whichever you prefer.

Email: Use secure PrivacEmail Private Conversation system.
Follow this link to register:

Remember that my duty is to protect your confidentiality? I cannot do this if we use regular email. Here’s a detailed explanation why. Briefly, despite passwords upon login, information sent by regular email is not encrypted as it is transmitted or stored, so it can be compromised at several points. In contrast, using PrivacEmail is like using online banking. Yes, you need to register. Yet once you do, it’s user-friendly, with encryption running in the background every step of the way. You get a notification in your regular email every time I send you a Private Conversation. Here is the full list of PrivacEmail features.Even if you prefer to use video counselling only, I encourage you to register, to avoid the temptation to communicate any private details through insecure email.

Phone: Call me at 403-801-7075. If you don’t have a long-distance plan, I can call you back.


Once we have arranged an appointment, you could use this page to pay as well. Payment is also accessible from the PrivacEmail system. To pre-pay for a session using PayPal, please choose between an introductory 90-minute session ($120) or a regular 1-hour session ($90). Your PayPal receipt will say “Fidus” or “Fidus Counselling”.

Please enter your name and any comments you wish

If you want to contact me for any other reason, I am also accessible at inga at fiduscounselling dot ca.  Please note: This is a regular email address. It does not have the same confidentiality protection as the PrivacEmail system. If you send any personal information through this address, I am not able to guarantee its confidentiality.

My social media policy follows current ethical guidelines. That is, to protect your privacy, I will not knowingly accept Facebook requests or LinkedIn requests from clients.